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6 Life Lessons Pune Teaches Everyone

I was once The New Girl in Pune (and even wrote all about it here), and seven years later, BAM – I’m a Punekar! I’ll admit it was a rather slow journey, but it really does take that much time to develop a threshold for all that spicy Maharshtrian food! Nevertheless, it’s been a journey that has taught me many-a-things. In the last seven years, I’ve had all the realisations that one would in their early 20s; like the importance of working out, eating healthy, understanding finances, importance of family, and so on and so forth. However there are some life lessons only living in Pune can teach you.

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The Little Door: A Chat with Owner Tanu Narang

  Is it just us or are new restaurants/bars/lounges cropping up in the city literally every other day in the past couple of months? We decided to catch up with Tanu Narang, owner of the quirky resto-bar The Little Door, that is slowly turning into a favourite among young party-goers in the city. Let’s find […]

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Reviewed: Durban BunnyChow (FC Road)

Reviewed: Durban BunnyChow (FC Road). This looks interesting!

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Reviewed: Largo Pizzeria (Viman Nagar)

Reviewed: Largo Pizzeria in Viman Nagar. Yay or Nay?