Must-listen-to Puneri Bands this Puneri Monsoon

The pitter-patter of the rain drops on your window sill set the mood for romance, some joy and some soul. Music is the best partner for rain to set exactly that kind of mood. Everybody has their ‘rain playlist’ for the rainy evenings at home. But instead of listening to international music stars and their […]

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5 Desi Soups to Brighten Up Those Cloudy Days

Imagine yourself sitting beside your window at home, watching the rain spatter the glass. You’re snuggled up in a warm blanket, plugged into your favourite music or TV show. Wouldn’t a bowl of something hot and steaming and tasty, fit right into that picture? You could make a ready-to-eat soup from a packet, but with […]

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Monsoon-special: Recipes by Sous-Chef Merajuddin Ansari

Excecutive Sous-Chef Merajuddin Ansari from Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre doles out monsoon-special chow recipes.

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9 Must-Watch Horror Classics this Monsoon

  Pune rains bring with them the classic atmosphere of being able to lounge at home; all dry and cosy. Well, at such a time, while the weather out there is stormy and gloomy, what better than to curl up and watch a horror movie marathon! Close the door, draw the curtains, sit back and […]


Lull after the storm

After a continuous spell of heavy rains, Punekars are finally enjoying the sunlight. Have we seen off the worst of this year’s monsoon yet? We hope not. We talk more of the monsoon..

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Pune's rainy week

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