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Just 7 Really Tempting Pictures of Puneri Misal Pav!

Here are seven fantastic Misal Pav pictures from across Pune city, along with where and by whom they were clicked. Enjoy!

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The Misal Pav Legends of Pune

May the force of the spicy rassa be with you.

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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Misal Pav

Misal pav can be experimented with and jazzed up to be a gourmet dish. I mean really, it’s Misal Pav; what better than comfort food that also doubles up as gourmet cuisine. This is not just a delicious and healthy dish, but it is SOUL food. Here are five ways to jazz up the traditional Misal Pav to be a thick favourite on a pan-Indian palette…


8 Lip-Smacking Puneri Dishes

These 8 dishes make Pune city a foodies’ paradise!