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7 Superb Places in Pune for Fantastic Live Music

Pune being the kaleche maherghar, every art form has thrived and developed here. Our city has always been blessed with tremendous artists, especially musicians. The country’s three biggest music festivals happen in Pune- Savai Gandharva, NH7, and Supersonic.

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7 of Pune's Best Live Music Venues

Even though Coldplay has yet to announce it’s upcoming Pune gig, there is no dearth of phenomenal artists who have graced the stage in the city! Today, Pune has become one of the most popular cities in the country to enjoy live entertainment. The young, enthusiastic crowd, relaxed atmosphere, superb venues and pretty great weather, makes the city one of the most inviting destinations for artists to perform. Here are some of Pune’s must-visit venues for live music!


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Pune’s up and coming music bands.