Pune – The Lesser-Known Abode For Authors

We all know that Pune was once called ‘The Oxford of the East’ due to its large number of educational institutes. The city yielded the highest number of graduates and post graduates in the state and we still see that the majority of the population is students, many of whom are non-Pune residents. On a […]

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Book Review: Literally yours…

The book ‘Literally yours… Romance At A Lit Fest’ is set in an altogether fresh setting, which sets it apart from any typical love story.


Writing as explained by Annie Zaidi

Writer Annie Zaidi shares some notes on Indian literature and what influences her writing…


Pune Literary Festival Schedule

The schedule for PILF….

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A writer's paradise: Chat with Shobha De

For Shobhaa Dé, platforms like the Pune International Literary Festival are great for upcoming writers and avid readers. Here is what she has to say about the Festival..

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2-Day Intensive Creative Writing Workshop

Workshop Title: Learn To Inkhronize Learning to balance the Heart and the Mind of creative writing by way of experiential learning  – A workshop designed to help young writers align themselves better with their own creative process, thus resulting in above average and distinguished works of modern literature. Here is the link to the event […]