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Koregaon Park Ranked 8th in India's Top Ten Most Expensive Realty Markets

According to a study conducted by property consulting and research company, Anarock, Pune’s Koregaon Park has been ranked at number eight in India’s top ten most expensive areas to live in!

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6 Facts about the Osho Ashram in Pune!

Pune, being the birthplace of this movement, has always been in the news regarding the Rajneesh movement. The first Ashram started in our city, inviting several foreigners as well Indians to Pune.

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6 Spots in Pune Serving the Creamiest Cupcakes!

So we’re bringing the nostalgia back with this list, and fair warning- you’ll be craving a few once we’re done. Here are six spots in Pune serving the creamiest cupcakes!

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Behind the Scenes of Café 1730 | #PunekarInvestigates

Ever wondered what goes into the impeccable service, the flawless food and the perfect ambiance at a restaurant? What it takes to put it all together? We have too. So we decided to wander behind the scenes of one of our current favourites, Café 1730, and find out for ourselves. Turns out there’s lots of stock keeping, inventories, training, some yelling, and some stress. But what really matters is, wait for it, drumroll please… THE TEAM! Bad-um tsss*

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Julying Like a Boss with #Punekar1730

While Punekars shuffle between work and fun, rain and sun, it is our job to make sure you’re updated with the best of Pune. July may seem like a drab month where even the weather can’t make up its mind, but there are certainly ways to make it a good one! Here’s a favourite spot of ours that promises you entertainment at every hour of every day!

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This Place is Owning the Continental Food Game, Pune!

Previously on The Punekar, we gave you some serious cocktail goals for the summer, with heavenly, fruity goodness from Café 1730. On popular demand, we also gave you some light bites to go with your drinks. Then we started to think, why stop there?

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Punekar Achieves – Harshendu Giri

Quite recently, we at Team Punekar went ‘ga ga’ over the Goan Fiesta at Café 1730. Not only were we impressed by their drool-worthy food but we were also blown away by their amazing hospitality. So after the gala time we had, we insisted on meeting the owner and got ourselves an interview. Meet Harshendu Giri, the humble man behind Café 1730, as he tells us what it’s really like to run a restaurant. Written it like he told it!


Koregaon Park Food Trail (Part II)

Koregaon Park is one place that will never run out of options in fine-dine. From quaint little new places like The Asian Box, to the our time-old favorites like Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park has it all!


Koregaon Park Food Trail – Part I

After all my attempts at eating healthy and clean only, I finally came to a conclusion – life is too short to eat boring food! That’s when I decided it was time for some indulgence. Over one week, I hit about five different places in Koregaon Park – some new, some old, and all 100% yummilicious! I started with a classic and an all-time favourite – and after that, it was all experimentation! Here’s an offbeat list you would have never expected in the same article, because who wants to eat the same cuisine in the same week?


10 Things That Make Koregaon Park So Awesome!

Lush green trees, traffic free lanes and quaint cafes scattered around the cosmopolitan locale, make Koregaon Park one of the preferred real estate destinations in Pune. This swanky neighborhood has slowly grown to be a hot favorite of the average millennial, and there is enough reason to justify this. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why renting a house or choosing to settle down in Koregaon Park is a super awesome idea!