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5 Reasons Why Savya Rasa Should be On Your List of Favourite Restaurants in Pune!

Savya Rasa is the one restaurant in Pune which breaks the stereotype with such culinary grace and authenticity, that you couldn’t help but keep going back for more, over and over again.

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Koregaon Park Just Got Ultra 'Deli'cious, Pune!

They’ve made it to the BIG 10. And their 10th outlet had made its way to Koregaon Park! Whoop! Launched in 2005, the highly-lauded Indigo Deli has defined the quintessential deli experience in India. An over-12-years’ tradition of delighting patrons now finds its 10th home in Pune’s most iconic High Street, Koregaon Park.  Get ready […]

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Good Food, Delish Drinks & Live Music – June is Sorted

When you think about getting out for a nice dinner, how do you pick the place? Your checkboxes will probably be good food, drinks, service and ambience. With so many places to pick from, so much competition, just good food doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s definitely the first checkbox, but there’s got to be something more. Do you agree? Here’s a place that ticks all of your checkboxes, and how!


10 Things That Make Koregaon Park So Awesome!

Lush green trees, traffic free lanes and quaint cafes scattered around the cosmopolitan locale, make Koregaon Park one of the preferred real estate destinations in Pune. This swanky neighborhood has slowly grown to be a hot favorite of the average millennial, and there is enough reason to justify this. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why renting a house or choosing to settle down in Koregaon Park is a super awesome idea!