#PunekarRants: Shameful Statistics, Poverty and Whatnot…

The crux of the matter is this- we need an education system in place to help the less fortunate see that the root of nearly all our problems lies in the startling birth rate. Further, we need to implement a policy limiting the number of children a family can consist of, similar to the policy the Chinese decided to withdraw last year.


#PunekarInFocus: Founder of Fabogo – Prasanjeet Roy

An interview with the founder of Fabago, Prasanjeet Roy.


Don’t be Sexist, Drinking Women Help Run the Economy

‘Free drinks for all the lovely ladies before nine p.m.’. If you haven’t heard that yet, you’re probably living under a rock, or worse- in a dry state. We live in a country where female post graduate students are asked by their own professors why they bothered with the time, money and effort for their […]