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Reviewed: La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency

Do we have a winner for authentic Italian dishes?


Food Review: La Terrazza

Wish to have a three course meal with a set menu or just looking for some good food with a great ambience? If yes, then there is a place we think you should definitely check out…


When the Comic Nomads came crashing to Pune!

Turn a drab evening into a fab one with Comic Nomads. Here’s reviewing an evening full of below-the-belt jokes, racism (Indian one, based on region and not colour) and guaranteed laughter.


Dish this card

It is always interesting to see what a known 5 Star hotel has to offer its customer. Its latest offering is membership to the Club with the Hyatt Loyalty Card Program. The card offers tremendous value for members visiting the hotel. Discounts are tiered to offer maximum benefit to a larger group of diners. Hemant […]