The Rise of Home Chefs During and After Lockdown

As the lockdown hit the country in March and April, most people were grappling with a new normal. Most were missing their regular restaurant visits and craved something different.

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Shyma Menon Gives New Meaning to Health Food with Kilobeaters in Pune

What do you do when you realise being healthy is not as easy as it seems to be? Most of us would give up, blaming it all on “age”. But not Shyma Menon, who, when faced with the challenge of a slow metabolism, decided to work her way through one of life’s most common problems, and device something that would benefit both her and others in the long run. Excerpts from this super fun interview…

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3 Kokum Recipes You Must Try This Summer

Sweltering summers mean our body needs cooling foods that balance our salt-to-water ratio and keep energy levels stable. My grandmother swears by kokum in summers….


Ajwain Cold Soup

Ajwain has its own antiseptic properties & helps as a digestive aid & relief from abdominal discomfort due to digestion. Here’s a cold soup/ welcome drink made from the Ajwain leaf mixed with buttermilk, a perfect summer coolant & excellent for digestion.