7 Delicious Modak Variations Pune Has to Offer

Rice flour parcels stuffed with a coconut and jaggery stuffing, fried until a golden brown. Gone are the days when this is all that came to your mind when someone said “Modaks” Here’s presenting to you seven new variations to your favorite dish this Chaturthi, and places you can find them in Pune!


12 Facts About Lord Ganesha's Being You Probably Weren't Aware Of

One of the most revered and popular Gods in Hindu Mythology is Lord Ganesha. To a foreigner, he might seem unusual, but believe it or not, our beloved Bappa has a lot of hidden secrets behind his body. He is etched into the psyche of each and every devoted Punekar. Our love for him is so strong that he invokes the highest sentiments in our minds. Here are some facts about Bappa’s being you probably weren’t familiar with…