8 Special Ganeshotsav Foods Punekars Cannot Resist!

It’s that time of the year again! If you haven’t welcomed Ganesha home with ghee-filled sweets and savories, you’ve not done this right! So while you’re out and about town visiting the pandals, here is what we suggest you do not miss out on.


12 Facts About Lord Ganesha's Being You Probably Weren't Aware Of

One of the most revered and popular Gods in Hindu Mythology is Lord Ganesha. To a foreigner, he might seem unusual, but believe it or not, our beloved Bappa has a lot of hidden secrets behind his body. He is etched into the psyche of each and every devoted Punekar. Our love for him is so strong that he invokes the highest sentiments in our minds. Here are some facts about Bappa’s being you probably weren’t familiar with…


Similarities Between Lord Ganesha and Punekars (Part I)

Ganapati is Pune’s favourite deity and my inquisitive mind asked, “why?” There were reasons like ‘the Peshwas, Pune’s administrators, worshipped the deity’ to others like, ‘Pune had various temples dedicated to the God and most Ashtavinayakas are located in Pune district or close to it’. However, those answers did not suffice my quest for information. And then, a crazy thought entered my mind; Punekars are so much like their favourite deity! On occasion of Ganeshotsav, here’s a special story (Part I) on the similarities between us Punekars and our beloved Lord Ganesha. Read up on!

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Like Deity Like Devotee

Is Bappa a Punekar? Find out how similar he is to us!


Ganesh Chaturthi: Facts & Fables

From how Ganesh Chaturthi was first celebrated the way it presently is, to the myths surrounding the curse of staring at the moon during the festival – there are several fascinating things about the festival that you probably aren’t aware of. Read up on and get awed!

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Green Ganesh OK Please

  Rivers of India have always played a major role in our history and civilization. They have been worshiped in our ancient scriptures, and have been named after gods, goddesses or saints. Ironically, those same rivers are severely polluted by us – either in the form of industrial contaminants, domestic sewage, or as a result of  festivities […]