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Red and White and the Best Kind of Spice

Whether it’s the spice from green chillies, the hot tinge from the wasabi on sushi, or the mixed flavours of garam masalas, spicy food gives your taste pallete a whole new experience and well, at least for me, will always be an undeniable part of my favoured food. One of the oldest and best kind […]


Food Review: Thai House

Savour authentic Thai food that is as good as the street food found in the lanes of Bangkok, right here in Pune! We review Thai House, an authentic Thai restaurant located in Aundh. If you have questions like, “What are the best dishes there, how is the taste, is it well priced?” get them answered here..

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Food Chains we want in Pune

Pune is the city of foodies, but the rest of the country seems to think otherwise. Here is an article to remind the restaurateurs and chains that we expect good food. Here are some chains we want to open shop in our city.