Celebrating theatre through films

The Company Theatre’s ongoing ‘Theatre Film Theatre – A Festival of Shorts’ is an attempt to keep the artists’ community creatively engaged

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7 Famous Movies, Parts of Which were Shot in Pune

Luring the film industry for eons, Pune has managed to star in quite a few films! Well, we don’t blame the filmmakers as our city has a peerless appeal. So, soaking in the starry glory, here’s listing some of the famous ones! 


A Look Into The Reality of Marathi Cinema

Cinema is an art which uses visual medium to narrate a story and also gives us a glimpse of reality. Introduced in the end of the 19th Century, cinema is world’s most recent form of art. Not only is it recent, but it also is an amalgamation of complexity, collaboration and one of the costliest […]


Pune and The Short Film Bug

One of man’s greatest inventions is perhaps, motion filming cameras and everyone in their own way thanks and blesses Mr. Inventor. Motion filming cameras have surely made life easier at home, bringing the technology from the boxy camera back then to the tiny powerful camera on your smartphone in your pocket,  filming memories and preserving […]

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Book Review – HiFi in Bollywood

HiFi in Bollywood takes the reader from the streets of Berkeley to the film studios of Mumbai, from red light areas to police stations and from reality to dreams and back to reality again…


Indie Films at Viman Talkies

Watch independent film screenings at Rs. 50 for a ticket while all proceeds go to the filmmaker and you get to watch some great movies!

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Is Marathi Cinema coming of age?

  Not since the Mahesh Kothare-Laxmikant Berde or Sachin-Ashok Saraf era has Marathi cinema enjoyed as much prominence and popularity as it is currently witnessing. Remember De Dana Dan or Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi? Classics, no? But think back to most movies made during this time and a common theme emerges: bumbling heroes who find […]

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9 Must-Watch Horror Classics this Monsoon

  Pune rains bring with them the classic atmosphere of being able to lounge at home; all dry and cosy. Well, at such a time, while the weather out there is stormy and gloomy, what better than to curl up and watch a horror movie marathon! Close the door, draw the curtains, sit back and […]


To be a part of IFFI 2013

The International Film Festival India 2013 was a grand event and had many film loves thronging the locations of its screening in Goa. Here is a showdown of all that transpired…

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Whistling woods celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema

Whistling Woods are celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema at their Campus in Filmcity on May 11th & 12th(Saturday & Sunday). As part of the event, they are running a series of celebrity panel discussions, free workshops, Screenings of Films & will display rare exhibits all over the Institute. Those who wish to be part […]