Men are from Bars

“Sorabh Pant is married.  Atul Khatri is married with kids. Kunal Rao is unmarried and looking to never have kids.” That was all that the event description said, but was enough to get everyone hooked. August 20, 2014 saw Sorabh Pant, Atul Khatri and Kunal Rao from the East India Comedy put up a ‘high’larious […]

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Events in Pune 9th May

Swastika Live Performance Swastika formerly known as iLLuminAti came into existence in late 2010. Band members Varun Singh, Uday Nair, Chinmay Menon and Gautam Deb have come together after a lot of lineup changes but have kept the band’s original aim of making powerful, pure music intact. Working a lot on originals the band categorizes […]