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To the Puneri Audience, From an Artist – Open Letter

Namaskar! By putting a Chuck Berry quote, I’m slyly trying to segregate my own audience into two categories- 1) The ones who found my use of this quote pretentious. 2) The ones who found it pretentious and yet, are willing to give me another chance.

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Anonymous Confession of an Uber Driver in Pune

“Ask him”, my friend whispers while nudging me gently. We’re on our way to the airport and our Uber driver is gently tapping the steering wheel while humming Chikni Chameli, a Red FM favorite. Sigh. So I clear my throat and introduce myself, he looks puzzled and disinterested to say the least. After hearing my question, his immediate response is, “Company wale kadhun taktil naukri varna”

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Confessions of a Punekar: A Pune Railway Station Coolie Opens Up

Gathering the tobacco in a pinch, he slides it along the left side of his jaw. “Precisely. We are a dying breed, we and this occupation are going to be something which kids would read about in storybooks. The government is polishing up the railway sector. Platforms and railway stations are being maintained regularly. Most of the passengers these days have bags with wheels attached to them, they pull it around. That has been the reason why everything is falling apart, people don’t need us anymore.”