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Phoenix Marketcity Pune's Christmas Tinsel Town is DREAMY!

The mall has been transformed into a gorgeous Christmas Tinsel Town, where the entrance gives the illusion of a fabulous castle!

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Phoenix Marketcity Pune transforms into Christmas Wonderland!

With Christmas cheer buzzing in the air, Pune’s public spaces have undergone a festive makeover! All decked out to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, Phoenix Marketcity Pune has created some unforgettable experiences for its visitors.


Pune's All Set to Welcome Christmas!

You know Christmas is here when you start noticing shop windows put up the “Sale” sign, hoardings shout out “Pre-Christmas Bash”, social media is full of Christmas Brunch Promotions and shopping bags are overflowing with reds, whites and greens. The Christmas fever has caught up in Pune as the city is now ready to welcome Santa. Hell yeah, we also spotted Christmas trees being set up! Now that Christmas is almost here, let’s see how Pune is set to bring in the big day!