दशभुजा मंदिराजवळ कोणाची तरी वाट पाहत उभा होतो. रस्त्यावर रोजाचीच वर्दळ होती. नेहमीचे फुलवाले, भिक्षा मागणारे आणि भक्त ह्याने परिसर भरला होता.


All for a Cause – Aazadiyaan

Aazadiayaan means FREEDOM – freedom to change, freedom from the narrow egoistic walls, and freedom from all that is holding us behind. The way our society functions, the discrimination on various grounds, the inequality, the hypocritical thinking, the broken lives of millions around us, made a group of teenagers from Pune devote themselves to the […]

Health & Wellness Lifestyle

The Fading Playgrounds of Pune

Pune was once known as the greenest city in Maharashtra and the Garden City of the state. The greenery of the trees and bushes that lined every street and the parks that dotted every residential area, made Pune an ecological paradise to live in. However, in the last ten years…


Recipe for your child's success: Science and Education

It all started with a school in Patna, thousands of kilometres away from where Mumbai-based Ameet Parekh and Salome Joseph were. Ameet, a Pune University management grad, with a 15-year experience across industries teamed up with Salome who had been working in the film making creative space, entrepreneurship and training and mentoring for more than […]


I Failed at Unshackling a Girl Child

Educate a girl child and the world will follow.

Book Reviews

Grandma's Bag of Stories

The Punekar reads the novel and tells you more about it…