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कुमार परिसर समोर foodzen नावाच्या दुकानात चहाची ऑर्डर देऊन मी आणि माझे friends स्थानापन्न झालो. बाजूला पांढऱ्या रंगाची कुत्री चुपचाप झोपली होती. आमच्या तिघांच्या आवाजाने तिची झोपमोड होवू नये म्हणून आम्ही जरा हळू आवाजात गप्पा मारत होतो. कागदी कपात चहा आला आणि त्याचा चटका बसू नये म्हणून त्याबरोबर तीन extra कागदी कप देखील आले. मग […]


Coffee, conversations and much more

Coffee has become a brand and there are various outlets of the famous cafe chains. However, the city has many other options to hangout and enjoy a sip of the beverage. We recommend a few cafes that are different and have more to offer than just a cup of coffee…


Food Review: ROFL

Rendezvous of Food Lovers on Law College Road comes up with decent preparation but getting normal cafe, Italian and Continental fare makes it difficult to sustain on a long run. With good, well-priced food, ROFL manages to grab attention. We tell you more about the place…