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7 Super Delicious Ice Cream Rolls in Pune!

Seeing someone make fresh ice cream for you right in front of your eyes, that too on a chilled ice cream pan; now that definitely improves the entire experience of going out for an ice cream. Several ice cream roll places have opened up in Pune and are doing steady business. If you want to try one out for yourself, check out this list!

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7 Awesome IPL Screening Spots in Pune

Pune’s F&B industry soon realised the need for screening venues and voila! We have some amazing live screening places now where we can cheer for our favorite teams. Check this list out and watch today’s game at one of these amazing places!

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7 Reasons Why Neera is Pune's Best Summer Drink

Summer is cruel, man. Stepping out and doing anything productive becomes a huge problem. Ironically, most of our outdoor plans seem to happen in the summer, what a headache! Temperatures are unforgiving and no matter the amount of precautions you take before heading out, the heat will get to you.

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A Tribute to Pune's Kale Pens

However, our city has one name which hasn’t given up on these fountain pens, and thank god for that. Kale Pens is a shop which our parents know all too well, and we should too. It’s quite easy to miss this shop as it’s located right near Dagdusheth Ganpati- the area is always bustling with activity.

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7 Really Cool Coworking Spaces in Pune

Kickstart Your Startups, Pune.