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Home Chefs & Bakers are Emerging as a Strong Presence in Pune's Food Scene

Until we have our regular joints back in action, we are definitely blessed with some of the best home chefs and bakers in Pune.

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5 Reasons Why Savya Rasa Should be On Your List of Favourite Restaurants in Pune!

Savya Rasa is the one restaurant in Pune which breaks the stereotype with such culinary grace and authenticity, that you couldn’t help but keep going back for more, over and over again.


5 Insanely Delicious Non-Veg Thalis in Pune

Whoever said Thalis are only veg simply didn’t know where to go. Also, those of you who think Maharashtrian food mainly consists of tindli and puran poli, and no meat, you’re in for a slurrpy surprise! If you’re looking to have a hearty, homely, and filling non-vegetarian meal, here’s where you can head. Neh, SHOULD head.