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10 Senior Beagles Used for Pharmaceutical Testing in Pune Finally Taste Freedom!

RESQ Charitable Trust facilitates the release and adoption of ten senior beagles from a pharmaceutical/toxicology laboratory in Pune.

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6 Incredible Animal Rescue Stories from the Streets of Pune 

Today, the number of homeless dogs, cats, and even reptiles, is heartbreaking. But amidst the gloom of starving strays, cruel abandonment and betrayal of our (mostly) four-legged friends, there are a handful of guardian angels who don’t turn a blind eye – they go out there, get their hands dirty and do their bit to make these animals’ lives better.


#PunekarAppeals: Making Some Headway in the Case of Animal Abusers

A few hundred metres into my commute to work this morning, ignorance and a smartphone demanded that I slam the brakes and say a prayer. Undoubtedly, there are times when I too, am guilty of ignorance. Further, if accused of smartphone usage, I wouldn’t deny the claims too vehemently. This, however, wasn’t one such instance. […]