Supreme Sandwich Corner – Snack Kings in Pune

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When the month-end blues hit you, or when the standard meal options disappoint you, it’s time to think out of the box. The best thing about Pune street food is that its quick, cheap and filling. Not to mention, utterly delicious!

With a plethora of street food joints in Pune, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Most of those names are common, household names now and for good reason. They have a steady stream of regulars dining at their eateries day in day out.

One such name happens to be Supreme Sandwich Corner. Nestled in the heart of the city, Budhwar Peth to be precise, this tiny eatery is perhaps the most renowned sandwich joint in the city. Excellent food, decent service, and value for money; three things which are responsible for rocketing a place to fame.

Nepolean Sandwich – Image by @foodiepreneur


You’ll be amazed at the crowd waiting for their turn to dine when you arrive at this tiny eatery. When people would rather wait than find a different eatery, it’s safe to say that the place has made it big.

When it comes to food, perhaps only a handful of eateries in the city can offer us the quality which Supreme Sandwich Corner does. The place is famous for Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas and Cold Coffees. However, the variants of these dishes make the regulars revisit Supreme Sandwich Corner.

For example, when it comes to sandwiches, they have variants like- normal sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, Jain sandwiches, honey sandwiches, corn sandwiches, Chinese sandwiches and paneer sandwiches. For burgers and pizzas, it’s the same.

The Titanic Sandwich – Image by @chiru_chlics

Despite the popularity, some people feel that the waiting period on a busy day may or may not dull the taste for you.  The service is decent but sometimes the staff can seem very indifferent and standoffish; but let’s be honest, you don’t dine at such places for the service.

Special Bombay Masala Sandwich – Image by @foodstersheaven

141 types of sandwiches priced at a decent amount means that you don’t really have a lot to complain about; the ingredients are fresh and you can feel it in the taste. There’s always the online ordering option for those hesitant about dining here, so that takes care of a big problem. Titanic Sandwich, Romantic Chocolate Sandwich and the Bombay Masala Sandwich are a must try; all in all, this place is worth a visit (or 50) for sure!

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Feature image by @punefoodhunt

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