Shyma Menon Gives New Meaning to Health Food with Kilobeaters in Pune

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What do you do when you realise being healthy is not as easy as it seems to be? Most of us would give up, blaming it all on “age”. But not Shyma Menon, who, when faced with the challenge of a slow metabolism, decided to work her way through one of life’s most common problems, and device something that would benefit both her and others in the long run. Excerpts from this super fun interview…

What drove you to be an entrepreneur?

I’d like to give the credit to my partner (and husband) who inspired me to start this healthy journey. We realised our metabolisms had slowed down, and we decided to live healthy. We took some time to get used to a healthy lifestyle, but we were in love with it! We ate healthy desserts, stir fries, salads, the works! I also studied nutrition to understand how this worked, and slowly gained confidence to put my knowledge out there for everyone.


Kilobeaters- That’s an interesting name! Tell us a little more about this.

We had a simple funda- eat right, not less.

We customise individual meals based on their body weight, height, body type, activity level, etc. Our clients include bariatic patients, gym buffs, or those simply looking at a healthy lifestyle.

Our packages range from from one to five meals per day. We customise our meals by apportioning the macro content (this is mentioned in our packages too).

Our meals are whole grain, locally sourced and seasonal. We specialise in KETOGENIC, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN diets as well.

Image: Healthy Twix Bars

How has Pune responded to Kilobeaters?

The response has been fantastic and the feedback even better! Our customers are definitely enjoying the more confident space they are in today and there’s no feeling as satisfying as that for us.

Pune is a great city for this product since all the fresh produce is available in the markets throughout the year. This in fact was the main reason behind Pune being our first choice to start operations.

How do you decide on what type of meals a given individual needs?

We fix our menu every Sunday for the following week, with no repetitions from the previous two weeks. This keeps our long term customers happy and excited. In terms of customisation, we decide the macros basis the height, weight, fitness goal and activity level per day. For example, a person at a desk job with no exercise will get a fairly low carbohydrate meal plan when compared to someone who exercises regularly and leads an active lifestyle.

Let’s talk about the changes in one’s body after one eats your planned meals. What kind of results can we expect?

To begin with, our food is a sustainable lifestyle change one makes to look good, feel good and stay healthy. The customisation and disciplined meal plan plays a crucial role in the body sculpting aspect. The best part about going the KILOBEATERS way is that the pounds you lose are gone forever, unless of course you work hard at bringing them all back.

Image: Roasted Chicken Buckwheat Noodle Soup 

Do you deliver across the city?

Yes, we deliver all over Pune.

How has the audience been in Pune- do you think Pune is ready for a healthy makeover?

I come from Bangalore, and it reminds me of Pune. Needless to say, I’ve grown very fond of Pune. I do feel that Punekars are a health-conscious lot and I believe 2017 is the year of health! Healthy lifestyle and nutrition are at their peak right now; we’re loving the mushrooming of health food stores and organic products every second day!

Could you help bust a few myths about healthy food and healthy eating?

Oh, there are more than a few for sure. One very common one being, ‘Stay away from carbs, they’ll kill you’! Another one goes,’ Can’t I just eat healthy and stay fit, I hate the gym’. There’s one more that goes, ‘ Don’t eat after sundown’. I can go on and on….

It really isn’t like that. There is a way to work around it. There is a right time to eat a certain kind of food. Gym isn’t the only way to work out. As I said, I could go on and on about this!

We had a great time talking about healthy living with Shyma, and now we can’t wait to dig into one of her healthy meals. See you on the other side, food awaits!

Feature Image: Healthy, gluten free, vegan Tiramisu 

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