Saluting Aamchi Pune’s Police!

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Maama, Polizia, Italian ponies, the walking Scotsman, the higher German and the Spanish wave. Let’s take a trip around the world. Well, my feisty editor restricts my blabbering to five hundred words so let’s take a trip around our city instead. Nobody enjoys the increasing traffic so let’s take a trip at night. This trip isn’t so much about what we see, rather about what we don’t.

We no longer see the handle bars of incessantly backfiring motorbikes swaying from side to side. Instead, there’s the harmless stumble and dawdle of small groups of legs, accompanied by laughter and the odd hiccup. The German kidney grills and Italian prancing ponies with the illegally tinted windows and single digit number plates have decided to call it a night. There are no longer drivers asleep at the wheel with car makers’ emblems transferred onto their foreheads from the steering wheels. No smoke from bonnets, and no passengers performing stunts like Jean Claude van Damm for fear of exploding vehicles. Trees by the side of the road are safer and fathers in general are spared the excuse- “But papa kutta achanak se road ke beech mein aa gaya!

PunePoliceInsideWe’re all aware of the reason behind this sudden change of heart and waking of moral consciousness- The Pune Police. I am a strong believer in giving credit where credit is due and today I would like to take the opportunity (as should we all) to thank the cops for their combined effort towards making the city a safer place.

Between the menacing LED batons and the strategically positioned blockades (read nakabandi), I believe we’ve all woken up to the responsibility we have towards ourselves and other citizens to not drink and drive.


There are less bleary eyes being assaulted by high visibility jackets. There are less mouths sucking on hookah pipes and more blowing into breath analyzer tubes instead. I know a few people with their driver’s licenses in court but a considerably higher number who acknowledge their past mistakes (once again, as should we all). Further, this has mysteriously led to an increase in pricing by taxi services such as the higher German and the Spanish wave (amongst others). All of this points towards the success of the commendable effort made by our police commissioner and her team.

I’ve lost friends to road traffic accidents and chances are you have, too. Let’s keep more of us safe and alive because we’re a good people. So hey, take a minute to think about how much of which coloured label of the walking Scotsman you decide to guzzle before going out driving this weekend.

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