Pune’s Very Own Little Geniuses

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We all know that kids these days are only getting smarter. Ten year olds are familiar with tablets and phones, while at their age we were still playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who gets the last piece of gum – wait, we still do that. Anyway, there’s smart and then there’s super smart. The Punekar has discovered two such whizz kids that go by the names Neel and Nisha Dhotre, ages 14 and 11, who have created their own apps!

What do we do when we don’t like the MP3 player we have? Why, we download a new one. But not Miss Nisha, her first app was her own personalised MP3 player called Blinky. Neel on the other hand, created an app to play aartis. Prayers are frequent in the Dhotre household, but are often disrupted when aartis played on the computer shut down due to a power shortage. Nisha’s code was modified by Neel to create several aarti apps based on this need.

The two kids have also created two games together, Flight Bird and Mars Shooter. They have been downloaded all over the world and checked over 1,87,000 times! These young kids have already started generating revenue from their apps, which are available on the Apple Store under their father’s name (as they are underage).

Nisha and Neel Dhotre are Pune-based kids, studying in VIBGYOR and Bishops respectively. They had spent a few years in the US before returning back to their homeland. Once back and not knowing too many people, they were left to figure out what to do with all the time on their hands. Besides an interest in sports, Table Tennis and Football, both had a keen interest in computers and programming. They began taking lessons in C, C++ and Swift Programming Languages, with their father as an inspiration. Mr. Shekhar Dhotre is a UNIX administrator with 15 years in of experience in IT.


They have decided to continue growing their knowledge in the same field and complete Apple certified developer and training certifications. Barely teenagers, but both kids have already decided to work towards a startup of their own, AppArchet LLC, a Fully Fledged App and Hardware Integration Development Company, already started by their dad for them. You can check out their apps and work at here.

It seems like the tables have turned, instead of kids looking up to their elders, we’ll be the ones to take inspiration from them. Let’s just hope all of our future generation is this smart, this aware, and actually knows how to make better use of the internet than us (Facebook & memes)! Then we’ll know that we’ve left the future of our precious Pune in great hands!

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