Pune’s Singing Donkey Becomes Worldwide Sensation!

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We’ve all heard donkeys braying, but you’re about to get your mind blown when you hear Emily the donkey actually SING! Emily was taken in by RESQ Charitable Trust from the streets of Pune, when she was in critical condition after delivering a baby.

Her baby didn’t survive, and Emily was promptly taken to the RESQ centre for treatment. Initially, she would act aggressively due to emotional and physical pain.

After spending some time at the centre with extremely loving people who’ve been caring for her, she now trusts her surroundings, people and animals alike. So much so, that she expresses her trust by occasionally breaking into a song!

RESQ recently posted a video of Emily singing and it’s the most heartwarming, wholesome thing we’ve seen in a long time!


Emily the Singing Donkey!

After countless comments and messages demanding that we no longer hide her talent from the world, RESQ diva #EmilyTheDonkey finally decides to give her fans what they want 😀 Watch this video to hear India’s Singing Donkey, live in action!Want to support Emily at RESQ? Click here! www.resqct.org/sponsor-adopt/emilyPS: If you haven’t heard Harriet (Ireland's singing donkey)’s original serenade yet, follow Martin Stanton on Facebook to watch the full video!*Video rights for Harriet’s clip belong to Martin Stanton. Special thanks to The Dodo for sharing his gem of a video and helping the world see what amazing animals donkeys are!….#donkey #resq #resqct #rescuedonkey #emily #indiassingingdonkey #singingdonkey #harriet #galwaydonkey #donkeylove #irelandssingingdonkey #cute #animal #harrietthedonkey #rescueanimals #donkeys

Posted by RESQ CHARITABLE TRUST on Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Emily is so good at it, that RESQ’s video went viral across the world in no time. Even the New York Post published the video, with special Indian music effects!

No one’s come across a scientific reason for donkey’s singing, but they apparently do it when they’re feeling quite happy. Well, Emily, this definitely made us really, really happy!

We’re filled with so much gratitude for teams like RESQ Charitable Trust, and so grateful for Emily’s good health, and of course, her singing!

Feature image via RESQ Charitable Trust

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