Pune’s Shivajinagar gets a Sanitary Pad Vending Machine

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Pune, this is a huge leap towards solving health hazards from the lack of basic awareness among women regarding female hygiene and sanitation!

Abhedya, a non-profit organisation that focuses on fighting taboos surrounding menstruation, recently installed a sanitary pads’ vending machine in the Shivajinagar area. They plan to continue installing more in public washrooms around the locality.

The machine has a capacity of 50 pads. This first machine was donated by its manufacturer Fevino Industries. It was inaugurated by PMC Councilor Nilima Khade and politician Dattaraya Khade.

There was also a team from Fevino present to guide women on how to use the machine as well as discuss menstrual health with them.


Pune will witness more such vending machine installations across the city!

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