Pune’s Promising Start-Ups: The Renter

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SaurabhThe Renter is a curated product rental platform that offers a variety of products and equipment on rent with swift delivery, free maintenance and easy returns. TheRenter provides products in eight categories; Furniture, Home Appliances, Bikes, Adventure, Party, Projectors, Gaming and Office equipment. It is committed to challenge the existing problems that people face while renting a product like limited selection, poor renting experience and inconvenience. Here’s a chat with founder Saurabh Betharia…

What made you come up with this venture? 

For young professionals who are not sure which city their next job is going to take them to, setting up their new home with furniture or households brought on rent is an easy way out. Similarly, with the people who stay at “unfurnished or semi-furnished” rental places can “furnish” their places to live a better lifestyle by renting. With urbanisation, increasing incomes, and declining savings among working professionals, we are witnessing the birth of access economy. We want our users to get access to a personalised lifestyle without actually owning it.

How’s business doing? Response been good?


We got a great response! People really liked the concept and were equally receptive for this idea of “access over ownership”. Online renting is a relatively new concept and there are a few start-ups operating in the similar space. We are looking forward to scaling to multiple cities to get a wider reach for our platform and serve more customers.

What’s your favourite part about being an entrepreneur? 

I love every bit of being an entrepreneur. A few things to list down would be flexibility to work anytime and anywhere, learning new things and implementing them in your own business, problem-solving and making a difference in the process, bringing about a change in people’s thoughts and actions. This is the thing which keeps simulating my grey cells and transforms me perpetually.

As a start-up in Pune, how’s your experience been? (You are a startup in Pune, right?) 

Oh yes! We are a startup from Pune and we love Pune. Pune has all the traits our business model needs, especially demography and the number of people migrating to Pune for better career opportunities. In Pune, 62% of the population is under 30 years of age, with a larger-than-average share of people in the 25-34 age group, which is our target demography. The experience has been positive so far; Pune has been gracious in its response to our idea and we look forward to giving back to the city as much as we can.

What plans besides this? More ventures? 

No plans as such, we are concentrating our efforts on scaling to multiple cities and grow exponentially (I hope, believe!)

Your top tips for up and coming startups…

I would not call it TIPS, just my understanding in my humble journey so far…

Be clear with your vision.

Take a risk and just do it (risk bearing theory of profit)

Keep it clean and FOCUS!

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