Pune’s Pen Lovers Got Together to Celebrate their Passion for Pens!

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Pune peeps, if you’re passionate about really great pens, this one’s for you! Last week, Mr. Surendra Karamchandani of Venus Traders took the lead in gathering 25 pen enthusiasts at Darshan Restaurant in the city!

This meet was part of the Pelikan Hub, an international pen collector’s event which takes place on the third Friday of every September, in 199 cities spread across 48 countries in the world! Come 6:30 pm on this day and pen lovers across multiple continents gather to showcase their collections. Isn’t that amazing?!

PuneHere’s the best part- this time, Mr. Makrand Kale of Kale Pens was invited and felicitated at the event! We’ve all heard of (or shopped at) one of Pune’s oldest pen manufacturer and we were so glad to hear of the brand being honoured for its work!

Makrand Kale talked about the journey of Kale Pens. He said, ‘‘My father, Murlidhar Gopal Kale, started this brand in the 1970s. At the time, fountain pens were widely used by students and academics. My father also had the blue-black shade of ink, which was still new then. The ink was prepared at our home in a steel utensil using colour crystals and acid. Ball pens got popular in the early 80s as they were cheap and convenient. As their popularity grew, people started using fountain pens only for special purposes and their market shrunk sizeably.’’


He also added that the family is considering starting manufacturing again in the coming year; a limited edition of Kale Pens. We certainly hope this happens!

PuneSome pen enthusiasts who were a part of the meet were Mr. Arun Jugdar, Mr. Dipesh Mehta and Mr. Vijay Nimbre along with many others. Everyone talked about their journey as pen collectors, what they love about fountain pens and specific details like ink filling, nibs etc. of some outstanding pens.

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