Pune, We Can Now Enjoy a Meal in this Ancient Wada in Tulsi Baug!

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Being the cultural capital of the state, much of Pune’s history and heritage flows between the pages of the fight for independence. Every monument in our city tells a tale of bravery and resilience, and how Independence was won with blood, sweat and tears of our brave Punekars alongside the rest of the country.

Of the many pieces of architectures and monuments with historical significance, very less has been spoken about Paranjpe Wada. Unlike Shaniwar Wada, Lal Mahal, Saras Baug, and other important spots in the city, the story behind Paranjpe Wada might not be as renowned as its counterparts, but it’s still relevant and necessary to be told. This is the story of one of our bravest freedom fighters, Shivram Mahadev Paranjpe, and his 175 year-old residence.


Shivram Paranjpe, apart from being one of the most important freedom fighters in our city, was also a noteworthy journalist. Through ‘Kaal’, the newspaper he started, he used to publish his political writings. He wrote a lot about the  British rule and the paper was extremely important when it came to uniting people and giving them a voice. This 175-year-old Wada in Tulsi Baug used to be the place that Kaal was run out of.


Chavicha Patta 1123/FB

Many people know of the Wada and the story behind it, however very few know of the little treasure it now houses. The Wada has now been remodelled and renamed as “Chavicha Patta 1123”. It houses a tiny eatery and the Paranjpe family runs the place with immense pride, hoping to keep the place’s heritage intact.

The old structure is pretty much still standing; the ancient wooden ceiling, windows and columns still exist, so that patrons can now experience dining in a different era. Experiencing a meal here definitely gives you the feeling of stepping out of the modern era and into the pre-independence one, while you enjoy some truly authentic Maharashtrian dishes!

Image by Manoj Parundekar

If you’re going to be in the Tulsi Baug area anytime soon, stop by for some Chaha and snacks! And don’t for get to tag us in your pictures!

Note: You can read Shivram Mahadev Paranjpe’s biography written in Marathi by Sri V.K.Paranjpe

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