Pune’s Gorgeous Village Park – Gram Sanskruti Udyan

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A metropolitan city like Pune is blessed with almost every single thing which an ordinary citizen would require for a comfortable life. Decent transportation, good infrastructure, positive standard of living, you name it, we have it all. However, the development has come at a cost- a lack of simplicity. More and more Punekars these days look for ventures to relive or explore a simpler type of lifestyle and this space gives us just that!


Late Sanjay Mahadeo Nimhan Gram Sanskriti Udyan is Pune’s first village park. It was built with the idea that India’s rural culture needs to be displayed and appreciated! Located near Someshwar Wadi, the village park is a semi-village equipped with all the facilities which an ordinary Indian village would have.

Gram Sanskruti Udyan/FB


Visitors can experience the rural lifestyle firsthand; rural culture wherein local festivals, rituals and heritages are celebrated are all displayed in this park. The motive is to evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia for the simple rural lifestyle amidst metropolitan citizens.


Within the park, a huge garden has been maintained which displays the structure and life cycle of a village. Things like the Gaonwesh (village boundary) and Patil Wada (the house of a noteworthy figure in the village) are the central attractions of this garden. The garden depicts the village management system, especially the 12 Balutedar.

Also, within the garden, several statues also depict the types of businesses which are carried out in a village. Around 555 statues, which include those of the Barber, Tailor, Farmer, Copper Smith, Carpenter, etc. are displayed in this garden.

Gram Sanskruti Udyan

Traditional farming practises are also displayed in this garden. Things like a cowshed and poultry market are there for visitors to properly observe and analyse the rural agricultural and livestock methods. There’s also a temple which highlights all the features of an ordinary rural temple, along with Palkhi– a popular religious movement of rural Maharashtra.

This place is particularly fun for children, not just to play around but also to learn so much about rural life!

Address: Someshwar Wadi Road, Near Someshwar Temple, Pashan

Timing: 10 am – 9 pm

Entry: Rs. 50/- for adults and Rs. 30/- for kids (no charge for toddlers)

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