Pune’s Freakiest of Freak Shakes – Shake it, Baby!

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A freakshake is a thick, creamy and cakey mashup of heavenly joy. It is basically a HUGE milkshake with a crazy load of toppings from cakes, ice-cream bars, doughnuts to pretzels and brownies. Invented in Canberra, Australia, these desserts have finally migrated to Pune. Thank the heavens for that. Here are the freakiest shakes of Pune.

Oh Freak! 

This place is a dessert parlor and does some amazing shakes. The must-try here is the Cookies and Cream version. It has an actual Oreo Cookie placed on top. Guaranteed to satisfy the biggest sweet tooth.


Location: FC Road

Café Mestizo

Image: Neel Gengje

A popcorn shake, with caramel flavour, cream all over with actual freakin popcorns. It is a little out there but taste if before you judge it. Delish max.

Location: Viman Nagar and Balewadi High Street

Sautéed Stories

Image: Shreyas Gursal

Served in a skull shaped mason jar, the KitKat freakshake will blow your socks off. It’s made to pure perfection; just make sure you have someone to share it with!

Location: Koregaon Park

The Creamery

Image: Phulchand Gutte

Varied tastes of strawberries and mulberries covered with other assorted berries, cream and a cupcake. That’s their Bloody Berry. If that doesn’t sound appetising, I don’t know what does.

Location: Salunkhe Vihar Road


Chocolate Peanut Butter pretzel milkshake. That’s the name of one of the monster shakes they serve here. It basically has everything in it but the kitchen sink. Miss a meal or two before or after trying to finish this one.

Location: Aundh


Image: imgrum.org

The Nutella shake here is served in an actual Nutella Jar. Compared to the others on this list, the portions are suitable for one human. The taste is on point and the experience is exemplary.

Location: Bibvewadi, FC Road and Viman Nagar

Wafflin’ Around

Image: Khushboo Malani

Ten ingredients make this insanity of a drink, it’s just called the Wafflin’Around Freakshake. It is visually as appealing as it delicious. It comes with a waffle on it, how can you go wrong with that.

Location: Aundh

Warning: The writer and/or The Punekar are not responsible for any increase in weight, a case of extreme sugar high or any other condition that might be associated with the consumption of these monstrous drinks. 

Now get your freak on!

Feature Image: mibh.in

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