Pune’s College Fests to Watch out for this Year

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We all know that Pune is pretty much synonymous with its college crowd, giving it the name, The Oxford of the East. Pune’s colleges aren’t only great when it comes to education though; they also have brilliant extra-curriculars that give birth to a myriad of pro-active youngsters. A big part of this includes the college fests that have seen some amazing talent and renowned artist line-ups that make them nothing short of spectacular.

Symbiosis Sympulse

Five days of international model UN conferences, talent shows, sports competitions and mind-blowing entertainment. Their esteemed guests this year were Ms. Shaheen Mistri (founder of Akanksha Foundation and CEO of Teach for India) and Mr. Rajnish Rikhy (Benet Coleman and Company). Every year has seen some unique competitions such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Street Dance Competition, Masterchef, Talent Hunt by F the Couch casting company, and much more. This year’s most interesting contest would be the Hogathon, sponsored by McDonalds! I’m sure you can guess what that was about.

Sinhgad Karandak


The college fest hosted by all 10 sister colleges of Sinhgad that sees an immense number of young crowd, full-fledged concerts and 300+ events. This is one of the most extravagant concerts of the city that has seen artists the likes of Farhan Akhtar, Edward Maya, Jay Sean and guess who they had performing last year? The Chainsmokers! That’s right, we too wish we had discovered them back then! This year’s fest is going to be in the second week of February and will see international Dutch Duo W&W live in concert. 


While most college fests focus on dance competitions, group discussions and live concerts, COEP ZEST focuses on sports! They cover all types of sporting competitions, including baseball, swimming, tug of war, cricket, you name it! They also have some less physical sports such as carom, chess and cards.

COEP Mindspark

Most college fests have become more about the competitions, be it dance, sports or just plain fun. COEP Mindspark brings back the original reason of the fest – to get those brains working and thinking outside the box. It is a techie fest initiated by a group of students and has become one of the best platforms for displaying engineering skills. Their workshops include AutoCad, robotics, ethical hacking, web design and development, and more things we cannot even comprehend! They host keynotes by some of the most renowned scientists, engineers and business minds of the nation. So if you’re a techie, this one’s a must-not-miss!

These are only to name a few! There are many more college fests that stand out in Pune, such as VIT’s Melange, Indira’s Gusto, and BMCC’s TROIKA. If you’re a student in Pune and haven’t participated or been to a college fest already, well, what are you even doing? Go!

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