Pune’s All Set to Welcome Christmas!

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You know Christmas is here when you start noticing shop windows put up the “Sale” sign, hoardings shout out “Pre-Christmas Bash”, social media is full of Christmas Brunch Promotions and shopping bags are overflowing with reds, whites and greens.

The Christmas fever has caught up in Pune as the city is now ready to welcome Santa. Hell yeah, we also spotted Christmas trees being set up! Now that Christmas is almost here, let’s see how Pune is set to bring in the big day!

Bring in Christmas with a Pre-Christmas Bash

Clubs in Pune will go all out on Dec 24 2016 with gigs and you’ll be left spoilt for choice. While some party spots go invitation only, there are options like Farzi Café, Mineority, Elephant and Co., Penthouze Nightlife and The Little Next Door to name a few.


Head Out For A Christmas Brunch

Did someone say “turkey”? Head to a gala brunch affair at Conrad, The Little Next Door, Incognito, Playboy Beer Garden, 212 All Day Café & Bar or Prego, Westin.

Get your Gifts Ready with Forennte

Choose from an option of cookies, marble cakes, plum cakes, granola, tarts, cheesecakes, chocolates and a lot more to make your customised gift hampers.

Head Out For A Family Dinner

With options like Conrad, Terttulia, Savya Rassa, Farzi Café, Le Kebabiere and a lot more, there is something for every mood in Pune.

Gorge on Cakes and Coffee

Christmas is the perfect time to sample the goodies that cafés have to offer. Plum cakes, Christmas Logs, Gingerbread cookies, Nutmeg Coffee specials, and a lot more await you.  The Christmas Log at Cake n Counter comes highly recommended, so does the Pumpkin Spice Cake at Bake Love. The Christmas Special beverages at Starbucks are a hit too.

Party On Christmas Night

Clubs and pubs will once again leave you confused with a variety of options- from live gigs to bands to DJ nights, there is a lot in store for all party-lovers in Pune. Choose from a range of options like Terttulia, High Spirits, Effingut Brewerkz, Elephant and Co., Blue Frog, Penthouze, Hard Rock Café, Stone Water Grill, Teddy Boy, Playboy Beer Garden, the works!

So what’s your plan this Christmas eve, Pune?

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