Pune’s Achievers – This Pediatric Dentist Runs a Toy Library from Home!

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The Punekar team always believes in interacting and promoting individuals doing something out of the ordinary. Not only does it help and inspire the people of our city, but it genuinely spreads the word about the happenings around us. Here’s a quick interview we did with Samiksha Agarwal, a Pediatric Dentist by profession who also runs a toy library called KIDDOKIN in the Camp area of Pune! We really think it’s a pretty cool concept and we just had to find out more about it to share with you guys! 

Samiksha Agarwal

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Pediatric Dentist. I have studied in Pune, and have lived here for the last 10 years. I fell in love with this city! I’m practicing in Pune as well as some selected clinics in Mumbai.



Tell us about your Toy Library project

KIDDOKIN Toy Library is a library aimed at providing multiple toys and books for children. For a membership of INR 500/- a month, children can come in each week and take upto three toys and two books and return them after 7-10 days. There is a INR 1000/- refundable security deposit for the safety of the toys. I run it from my house in Camp, Pune. I also provide Home Delivery at an additional cost.


What inspired you to do it?

Working with children on a day-to-day basis and also seeing children around us these days, I had three clear observations.
1. Toys are expensive and buying new toys every month can become a burden for parents.
2. Kids spend too much time on mobile phones and in front of the screen.
3. There are now a number of educational toys available that, apart from being fun, inculcate numerous skills in children.


What are some challenges you face and the perks of it?

Challenges – The initial challenge is creating awareness about the concept of a toy library.
Perks – I love to see the excitement of tiny tots when they come and see so many toys and are completely engaged in playing with them!

What are some lessons you’ve learned from your project?

We really need to create more awareness about getting very young ones also into the habit of reading and being read to.


So, what’s lined up for the future?

In the coming months, the goal is to curate premium toys like Hot Wheels room set and big Lego sets and large electric toy cars. We’ll also be looking at partnerships and more outlets in Pune.

What do you like most about Pune when it comes to your project?

I like that it’s easy to travel within the city, so we can cover a larger area even though we are based out of Camp.

A word to fellow Punekars?

Share more than buy and replace the phone with a toy!

You can contact KIDDOKIN on +9195611412160 or via their Facebook Page

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