Pune’s 12 Yr Old Publishes Her First Book – ‘Statement’ by Kavya Khemka

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As much as the love and comfort of introducing your child to their first ever possible fairy tale continues to remain, the growing urge to get your child acquainted with the current affairs that are at stake has become more prevalent in this era. Scarcity of the natural resource- water, for example, is one such issue that we are dealing with on a daily basis. Here we have our very own young city girl,Kavya Khemka who has addressed this issue through her very first fiction novel ‘Statement’.

Hon’ble MP (Pune) Anil Shirole known for his constructive work and also as one of the most dynamic Presidents to have served the BJP Pune city along with other guests were present for the launch of the Novel ‘Statement’.

Kavya who is currently in high school, at St. Mary’s School, Pune, just at the tender age of 12 has had the vision and passion to write on an issue with the foresight of that of a rather mature writer, something that is very commendable in this day and age. To keep it interesting the book is the form of a fiction and yet at the same time she has achieved in keeping it very real by gaining ample attention to this sensitive topic.

What is the topic that’s been talked about in this book? The book takes us on a ride in the Time Machine into the ‘Water Starved Era’ of 2090, wherein the author weaves a fictional story revolving around the village Incognito, its parched citizens and a King with a solution to replenish this fading resource WATER. The book is relevant in today’s society as it is a very futuristic concept and the reader can foresee the problems related in the coming years.  It also shows to the readers that one can achieve anything and everything with determination , grit and confidence. Though the book deals with a sensitive issue, but after being fictionalized it makes reading more intriguing and interesting.


It goes without saying that the avid reading that she has been exposed to at an early age has surely given her inspiration and guidance to come up with her own originality, but two other reasons that gave birth to ‘Statement’ are, one being a family road trip in which was during the summer break, while crossing a remote village, it seemed like an impossible task to acquire a bottle of water. This entire exercise got her into introspecting, as we were made to believe that people walked long distances to get depleting well water for their basic everyday needs. And second being the lessons taught at school which spread awareness on the scarcity of water in the coming years.

Kavya has succeeded in not only creating a remarkable plot full of suspense, strong composition of characters and moral at the end but she has made sure that it’ll be a book that can be throughly enjoyed by all age groups.

Statement is published by Partridge , a Penguin Random House Company, USA and is available globally on over 13000 online sites and all leading book stores. 

About the Author

Kavya is a born writer. She started reading at an early age of 3 and started penning short stories as early as 6.

‘By writing this book I have turned my cant’s into cans and my dreams into plans’ says Kavya.

She also says, ‘ Writing a novel is a journey, and an adventure. Not a project. That is why I have thoroughly enjoyed penning each and every word of it.’

As long as she can remember, she always wanted to be an author and has now fulfilled her dream… The dreams are getting bigger now with the urge to write more and more.

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