Punekars, we can Expect Winter to Begin November 10 onwards!

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Lovely people of Pune, we’ve experienced a heavier than usual monsoon season, five months, to be precise. Now, according to Mr. Anupam Kashyapi, head of Weather, IMD Pune, November 9 onwards, Pune will witness partly clear skies and clouds should vanish altogether post November 10-11.

The highest temperature of the day should touch around 32 degrees Celsius and minimum may go as low as 18. It is predicted that as we move onto the initial days of winter, the temperature this year may be higher than what we’re generally used to.


The weather is expected to be clear until November end. There is still a yet-to-form cyclone named ‘Bulbul’, which should not affect Maharashtra, but might affect states like Odisha, West Bengal and other parts of Northeast India.


According to the weather department, after Cyclone Maha, they see no other cause for rainfall in the city/state.

Monsoon this year started in late June and here we are, at the beginning of November, typing this as it pours outside (November 6).

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Feature image by @prakashk3001 via Instagram

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