#PunekarReviews: Aufside @ Hotfut

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“Watching a match with your friends and some beers is always more fun, but most bars mute the commentary and play music in the background spoiling the experience. We wanted a place for ourselves where we could watch, play and celebrate sports. So we created one! – Kapil Punjabi and Varun Punjabi, founders of Aufside.


Aufside @ Hotfut is a ‘swanky’ sports-bar and grill, as they call themselves and I couldn’t agree more. With its very own sports pitch (Futsal Arena) outside, live screening of matches on huge screens, and lots of bar games, it’s every sports’ fanatic’s dream come true. Even if you’re not into sports as much, you will enjoy the place no less. The flowing brewed beer, scrumptious food, live gigs and Sunday brunches will keep you equally entertained. It’s an ideal place to grab a beer with your buddies, or go shake a leg on the dance floor inside. Like they say, “From Pitch to Pitcher!”

The Aufside menu consists of a good variety of American and European dishes (and yummy Keema Pav). Keeping in mind those who have just finished a game, they have several healthy options mixed in, like soups and salads. For the rest of the gluttons like us, they have an array of fast-food that will leave you drooling – HotDogs, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pastas and my personal favourite, Pizzas by the slice.


They have a well-stocked bar with both your IMFL’s and the more high-end single malts and Vodkas. They also have a range of beer cocktails that will truly tickle your taste-buds. Aufside is synonymous with their Jager-Bombs served in hourglass shot-glasses and they also serve brewed beer, apple cider and the all-new-favourite Bira! 

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What to order…

For starters, their Jalapeno Cheeseballs and Bouquet of Fries are both highly recommended and not only by me. Both are served with generous amounts of cheese, and with just enough crunch.

What’s a better combination than Chicken Wings and beer? You’re right, there isn’t! They serve a variety of wings from the classic BBQ to Cajun and Siracha! They’re so good, that you won’t care about the mess you’ve made on your face either!

If you are a meat-lover, their Bouncer Pizza, fully loaded with pieces of roast chicken, salamis and bacon is an absolute must try! The Toss Pizza – pepperoni and (lots of) cheese – and the Fowl Play Pizza – layered with pieces of succulent spicy barbeque chicken and onions – come up as close seconds.

For the more hungry souls, the Champions League section of the menu is a heavenly find. Their Chicken Roulade, served with a side of veggies and Chicken/Beef Stroganoff that sits on a fluffy bed of rice, are more than just fulfilling. Their Bangers and Mash, chicken/pork sausages served with Espagnole sauce and a (generous) side of mashed potatoes, are a big hit as well.

So, who wants to go kick some ball with me and grab a beer? 

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