#PunekarMeets: Femme Fiesta Club

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We are a group of ladies, in the process of launching a ladies club. We call ourselves the Femme Fiesta Club, a place where we celebrate being a woman!

We are basically working on the concept of me time, or personal time. Ladies, once they have jobs, once they get married, have kids, they slowly start losing the personal space and time that they need. And, they don’t realise the significance as well that personal time has in their lives. It is the time when you connect with yourself, do what you really want to do, with no accounting to anybody. It could be something as simple as watching TV, meeting your friends, joining a dance class you wanted to, or some other hobby/passion that you want to follow. You should be able to take out time for all such things that make you happy, which women find it very difficult to do.

We will be encouraging them to start devoting some time daily for themselves, whether with us, or at their own homes.


We will be offering the following through our membership –

Membership Card

Gossip Meets:

12 monthly meets organised by us, which will include 12 fun but constructive activities in each session, and balance time will be for endless chatting, games and fun.

Unlimited Access to Checklists:

Once the member logs into the website with her ID, she will have access to the checklists uploaded on the same. These checklists will help make her life much easier every day!

Blog Writing for the website:

Members can submit blogs to us, and we will publish them with their name on our website. Point is to get published, get read, and get famous!!

Reward Points:

Members will also earn back when they show that they have achieved metime for themselves!! Reward points will be awarded based on how much time she has saved for herself, and how she uses it.

Launch Event: 17th December, Talk Show with a Celebrity Panel

Each woman has a million doubts, when we ask her to take out time for herself. Each one believes that it is quite impossible, she is already buried up to the hilt, and cannot spare any more time. We bring a panel of successful ladies to you, who will explain what they did in their lives, how they got time to follow their passions, and their hobbies, while juggling their family and career at the same time. On our panel, we have ladies from different fields, for e.g., we have Ms. Madhavi Soman from the film industry, Ms. Urvashi Patole, an adventurous biker and travel blogger…! We also have Ms. Kaveeta Pol, who successfully runs an organic & vegan spa, called Orrganic Elements, and we have Ms. Manisha Bodas, an amazing tennis player, who is in her sixties right now, but still retains the same enthusiasm for the game as ever. She still plays, and is extremely fit and energetic, despite her age.

Launch Event: 18th December, Cooking Competition

In our second launch event, we are hosting a cooking competition. Now, this is not one of your regular cook-outs. This is a couple competition, couple not necessarily being equivalent to being married. It could be anybody, bf-gf, husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-son, father-daughter… Any relation is fine. The only thing is, the lady in the couple will only give instructions, and the male will do the actual cooking. Let us see how the men come up to scratch in this interesting challenge!

The judge will be a celebrated chef, Ms. Deepali Dube, who owns her own cooking school, called Wow Cook Studio. She has undergone specialty trainings in baking from Paris & Malaysia, and loves to train students, who can later on take this up as a business.

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