#PunekarInFocus: Sanam Thadaney of Studio6

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We spoke with Pune-based graphic designer and founder of Studio6 – Creative House, Sanam Thadaney. Excerpts…

SanamInsideTell me about Studio6? Also, what’s the story behind its name?

Every brand or brand name has a story behind it.

A lot of designers use their own name for their business. But in my case, I decided to have a brand identity that would emphasise on my experience, my dedication to the design work that I do and giving off the one-man show aura. So coming up with Studio 6 – Creative House as my brand name, giving a personal touch to it by highlighting my initials (S and T) and 6 that sums up my birthday, as per numerology, within the logo.


Studio 6 – Creative House offers unique solutions in design for each client, which is a major strength. I have worked with a clientele base locally as well as internationally, specialising in corporate identity and branding, graphic designing, print media, social media and digital marketing as well as wedding monograms and customised collaterals. The great thing about being a graphic designer is that each day is different and each new assignment presents a new learning experience and a new creative challenge. 

What made you start this venture? 


I believe in doing what you love. Some afternoons, when i was a kid, I would just take my canvas and paint brush and spend hours on painting something. It started as something as a favourite past time, but I hadn’t realised that this would be the first stepping stone towards my career in design.

And more importantly, I always wanted to be professionally independent, and take the steering wheel in my hands. So enters, “freelancing”!

facebookMy career goal has always been to able to spend my time doing work I enjoy, namely creative work, but in becoming a freelancer I’ve come to realise that I actually enjoy the freedom of being me own boss and running my own business as much as I do the creative work. So one day, I just made a decision to move on from my previous job and start my own venture, and here I am branding myself with Studio 6 – Creative House, building a very small but hopefully significant, presence online through my work. I am lucky to have my setup entirely from home. And it has for sure been a jump into the uncertain, but at the same time an exciting roller coaster ride. Here, other than being just a designer, I play different roles as an accountant, client servicing, content writer, etc.

After a lot of hard work I feel I’m finally in the right area for me and doing work I enjoy. It’s been a long road getting here and is definitely not over, but I am sure it would be worth it when I look back after the next few years.

Tell me about your life before Studio6? 

After graduating from the Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, I worked as a junior graphic designer in a Pune-based company, before landing on a job as a full time senior graphic designer for a firm based in Bangalore, holding an experience of over four years. It was a fast paced hands-on job, which varied from day to day. I found it stressful at first, but then I was able to design things very quickly and to a high standard. The greatest challenge over the years has been to continue to produce work that is both creative and effective, whilst at the same time enjoying the process and having fun. 

facebookWhat are your future plans? 

There is still a huge amount to explore. I would love to learn and grow as a Graphic Designer. Also to be recognized for my work on successful projects in the coming years.

How can Punekars get in touch with you? 

Punekars could get in touch with me at www.facebook.com/studio6pune

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