#PunekarAchieves: Incredible Hairstylist Sarah Mone

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We love coming across people who pick a dream career path that makes them happy, in spite of all the extra tedious work it involves. So when we came across ace hairstylist Sarah Mone, we just had to know what makes her tick! Excerpts…

When did you know that you wanted to become a hair stylist?

It’s actually quite funny; I never wanted to get into it. My mom is also a hair and make up artist and has been for the past 40 years, so I grew up around rollers and straightening, colour and make up. Being a girl, everyone always assumed I would follow her footsteps but I really wanted to become an Air Force fighter pilot, like my dad.


Then that faded into cosmetic surgery, choreography… Until i finished my B.Sc. in Zoology and decided to leave Pune and fly for Qatar Airways. Four years later, a friend suggested that as I was really good with hair, makeup and styling and I love meeting people so I should get into this. So I gave it a  shot and 10 years later, here I am.

Do you work independently or at a salon?

I am a senior stylist with Hair2Order in Koregaon Park.

Tell me three things you love about your work.

I love interacting with people, seeing the happiness when their service is done and they’re super happy and most of all, I love the creativity and that you never bring your work home.

Which is the one hairdo and hair color you’re currently in love with? 

My favourite style keeps changing but one that I love the most is the graduated bob; it’s the most chic and classy look ever. Colour wise it changes because I have to do what looks nice on the client and not what i like. But my personal favourite has always been ash tones!

Tell me one thing you don’t like about your work. 

Well, its a pretty physically taxing job because on most days, I’m on my feet from 10 am to 7 pm, and we work when the whole world gets a leave!

A couple of experiences from work that you’ll always remember? Funny or touching. Either or both.

I have had quite a few young clients who had been diagnosed with cancer and had come to shave off their head. It’s such tough time for them and I try in anyway to make them feel better; build a bond since they have been coming to me for years. And once their treatment starts and they stopped coming. Years pass and when I see them again, they are fit and with long, beautiful hair and it’s the most amazing feeling!

What do you love most about Pune? 

I was born and brought up in Pune. It has changed a lot over the years but what I love is the balance it has between calm and crazy. I like the small town feel and at the same time the cosmopolitan feel. But unfortunately, with everyones lifestyle these days, I don’t think its going to last too long!

If you’re someone (or know of someone) who’s followed their dreams, worked hard and aced it, tell us and we’ll be happy to feature you! 

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