Pune, You’ve Got to Grab this Unbelievable Discount by Uber Eats!

Eats it to Believe it!

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Pune peeps, how many times have you started to place your order on a food delivery app and thought that the final order might be getting out of your budget? Especially by the middle or end of the month? If that sounds familiar, we’ve got some major exciting news for you! Read on!

Uber Eats is back with yet another outstanding offer called the Grand Food Gully on their app and it’s beyond amazing! Are you ready for this?

You can now get 50% off on orders up to Rs. 2000/- (woot woot!) For example, if you’re placing an order for a house party or a family gathering, your final bill amount could be pretty high. Instead of the usual discounts like Rs. 100 off or such on food delivery apps, getting a whopping half off the total amount is a big deal!



Isn’t that simply unheard of when ordering food? Well, Eats it to believe it!

We’ve gotta say, we haven’t heard of this exciting an offer in a while; this is going to be one belly-full (and pocket-full) winter.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you already know by now that Uber Eats regularly comes up with some of the most unique and unmatched offers on their food delivery app.


So, wait no more! Get to ordering your food at one of the highest discounted rates!

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