Pune: Your Hunt for Daily Commodities Stops Here

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The lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic has created a life of uncertainty around us. We are no longer sure about relying on our regular grocery store and whether it’ll have all the necessary items. We are often forced to hop into 3-4 shops until we complete buying our grocery list.

What Which Where, an e-platform directory aims to ensure that customers don’t have to make multiple stops in a hunt for daily necessities.

“We started this platform to ensure that customers know where to get what they want. It is a small attempt to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses,” says Suraj Singh Jhala, co-founder of the platform.

Suraj adds, “It is a central directory wherein you can find/register businesses that are located in your neighbourhood and are permitted to deliver or help you out with basic necessities like, groceries, vegetables and fruits, medicines or dairy among many other products.”


“It is a platform that will help you get a sense about what is available and where can you find it in your surroundings”, Suraj says.

Speaking about how this idea was conceived into reality, co-founder Bharat Nadkarni says, “I realised that I ended up going multiple times to get basic essentials. I also struggled to find everything in one place due to limited stock in stores.”

That it is when he came up with a solution to create a hyperlocal central directory to help people find what they need. “People using the service can just call the nearest grocery store, check for availability of items and be sure to find them. Customers will also not have to roam around different shops in need of daily items. Less roaming means less contact with people and thus, the safer you are,” he adds.

Additionally, the platform allows registering any new or nearest shop that has come up in the area. The service is free of charge and also aims to support local businesses in such difficult times.

“This way, the platform becomes for the people, by the people and elevating the sense of community to come together to help small businesses,” Bharat says.

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