Pune Woman becomes Fastest Asian to Cycle the Globe!

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Vedangi Kulkarni, who originally hails from a suburb of Pune city, has become the fastest Asian to cycle the globe! On early morning of December 23rd, she peddled into Kolkata, completing a whopping 29,000 km journey. She turned 20 years old during her global ride.

Vedangi spent 159 days, cycling up to 300 km per day. She started her journey from Perth, Australia in the month of July this year.

The fastest woman in the world to have completed the journey is British adventurer Jenny Graham (38 years old – completed the gruelling task in 124 days).

Image by IndiaTVNews


It goes without saying that the entire journey was very far from easy! From being chased by a bear in Canada, spending many nights camping alone in the snow in Russia, to even being robbed at knife-point in Spain, Vedangi pretty much saw it all! She witnessed temperatures ranging from -27 degree C to 37 degree C.

For the most part, her ride was funded by her parents, who she also credits for her mental support and encouragement.

Vedangi is a student of Sports Management in UK’s University of Bournemouth. She started planning her long and arduous cycle journey two years ago, getting ready for the ride with equipment, a specially-designed bicycle, planning the route and timings.

Not just Pune, but the entire country couldn’t be more prouder of this young girl and we bow down to her sheer determination and will power! We wish her the very best in all her future endeavours.

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