Pune: Weather Dept. Records Minimum Temperature at 15.6 Degrees

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Punekars, we’ve been witnessing above normal temperatures this winter season, but we’re most definitely not the only ones experiencing drastic changes in the weather. By now, you’ve probably read or heard about heavy rains in Dubai (WOAH) and bush fires in Australia. The entire planet is facing a metamorphosis of sorts and we’re just a teeny, humble part of it!

Coming to Pune city, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) calculated this year’s first dip in temperature at 15.6 Degree Celsius on Wednesday. The maximum temperature recorded on the same day stood at 30 Degree Celsius.

Ahmednagar witnessed the lowest temperature recorded at 12.6 degrees. Goa and some areas of the Konkan region have seen a rise in temperature, parts of which continue witnessing some rain.

Officials have said that Pune’s temperature will continue to drop further in the next few days as the wind pattern changes.


Feature image by Mohnish Landge via Unsplash

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