Pune Twins Win NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest

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Beautiful and endearing as Pune city may be, its residents are its real pride. Our fellow Punekars always do us proud and they’ve done it yet again! Twins from Pune, Chinmay and Tanmay Samak, proved that Pune really is the Oxford of the East by winning first prize at the NSS and NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017!

Image: Times of India

The Space Settlement Contest is an annual, worldwide affair held by NASA Ames Research Center in conjunction with the NSS Space Society for 6-12th grade students. Students have to design and present their homes in space and are judged on accuracy. Entries are grouped and judged by grade/age and group size (large group, small group, and individuals).

The 17-year-old twins from Pune submitted a 107-page paper, describing an artificial yet fully self-sufficient space colony and how to survive in it, named ‘Project Antalsrushti.’ Their project was complete with 3-D models and illustrations. They used their math skills to make it as accurate as possible, taking into consideration even socio-economic factors. They submitted a paper inclusive of an estimated budget and a construction schedule. Project Antalsrushti was completed in only six months with no professional guidance whatsoever.


Chinmay and Tanmay Samak bagged the First Prize at the contest in the 12th Grade, Small Group category. There was a total of 1500 projects submitted for this contest, with six thousand participants from 21 countries. The duo studied at PMC’s Rajiv Gandhi Academy of E-Learning & Junior College of Science and has been taking part in and winning several robotic competitions over the years. In fact, they came across this space settlement contest while searching for yet another robotics contest! Call it fate!

They’ve disclosed that they would like to continue pursuing engineering, and we wish them the best of luck! Keep making us proud!

Feature image: nasa.gov 

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