Pune to Hold the First Conference on Computational Thinking in Schools

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CTiS2019, the conference on Computational Thinking in Schools  will be held at Pune on 20th April, 2019 is organised by CSpathshala (www.cspathshala.org), an ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) India initiative (india.acm.org).

PuneCSpathshala is a not-for-profit, initiative to bring a modern computing curriculum, emphasising on problem solving and computational thinking skills, to Indian schools.  Currently over 3 Lakh students in 11 states are learning computational thinking.

Computational Thinking advances the notion that the mathematics and science behind computer science, go way beyond the simple ability to use computers, and can be taught and discussed in schools without even the use of computers.

120 participants across 7 states slated to attend include teachers, Principals and organisations working in the field of education. The conference gives them an opportunity to get to hear first hand experiences of researchers, educators and teachers implementing Computational Thinking in schools across the country.


Vipul Shah, Head, CSpathshala shared that this is the first such conference on Computational Thinking for school teachers and aims to provide a much needed platform for teachers to share experiences, resources and innovative methods in teaching computing.

Sonia Garcha shared that the speakers who will be sharing their experiences teaching Computational Thinkingcome from a good mix of urban and rural, government and private schools, from across the country. Prof. R Ramanujam from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai will be the keynote speaker. The conference will feature interesting sessions on Physical Computing, Implementation models, Innovative ways of implementations and Computing for all.  Divy Thakker from Google India will also be speaking at the conference.

The sponsors include Cambridge University Press, Google and Sakal Social Foundation.

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