Pune to Get a 7D Theatre in Wadgaon Sheri

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In an unexpected yet welcoming news, Pune has come into the national limelight yet again with a unique development – it’s about to get its own 7D theatre. It is being constructed in the Jogger’s Park of Wadgaonsheri locality and is expected to be ready in three months.

So, what does a 7D theatre have to offer? Well, this particular one will be a 40-seater theatre and the audience will be able to not just watch the movie, but also feel like a part of it through the VR (Virtual Reality) technology using a simulator program.

The cost of building the theatre is a whopping INR 2.3 Crore. The theatre will be equipped with special seats which will move, shake and rotate as per the movie’s theme, enhancing the virtual reality experience. There will, of course, be goggles similar to the 3D ones which will be handed out to the audience. Initially, the movies screened won’t be longer than 5-8 minutes and will be of the entertainment and/or educational variety.

These kinds of developments definitely put Pune into the limelight. With the Pune Metro project, the majestic dome structure, and now the 7D theatre, it can be predicted that we’re climbing the development ladder quite rapidly. Of course, the maintenance of these amenities is a different matter altogether, however, with the right response from the citizens as well as proper co-ordination with and from the government, it can be safely said that the picture is looking pretty swell for our city and its residents.


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