Pune, The Phoenix Shopping Festival 2019 is here and it’s HUGE!

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Pune peeps, you need to be sitting down for this news- ready?! Phoenix Marketcity Pune’s highly anticipated Phoenix Shopping Festival, 2019, kicked off last Thursday, June 20th and you won’t believe the ultra-fabulous things one can win over the next two months!

There will be prizes worth Rs. (insert massive drumroll here, please) a whopping ONE CRORE for customers shopping for up to Rs. 10,000! We’ve simply never heard of something so huge in the city before!

Phoenix Pune

The two-month long festival will witness Punekars winning international holidays to Dubai and Singapore along with super popular destinations across India. How exciting is that!? If that wasn’t enough already, customers are also all set to win gorgeous gold jewelry and luxury watches.



With a multitude of shopping avenues and up to 50% off on over 600 brands at the city’s number one lifestyle destination, we could barely stay away and now Phoenix just did this mega mic drop.

Go ahead and tell us that you’re going to make the absolute most of this experience, shop your hearts out, wine and dine while you’re there, and most importantly, WIN! This is literally the largest shopping fest that Pune will witness all year- unbelievable!


Don’t forget to tag Phoenix Marketcity and us in your pictures, especially if you win one of those holidays we mentioned!

Share this amazing news with everyone you know and let’s meet over at the mall, Pune! The Phoenix Shopping Festival, 2019, will conclude on August 18th of this year. Happy happy happy shopping!

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